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I am a small cattery registered with TICA (The International Cat Association).  I believe in raising kittens hands-on so they will be comfortable with people and have a playful personality.  I am breeding for the wild look, but with a domestic cat disposition.




The Savannah breed is descended from a combination of a Serval and a domestic spotted cat.  They have an exotic look but a friendly personality and domestic behavior.  They are very energetic and love to play, but when it's time to nap, they will  be the first to cuddle with you.


Serval cats are native to the savannah grasslands of Africa; however, servals used in creating the Savannah breed are born and raised in captivity, where they have been kept for generations as exotic pets in the United States.  They are, in my opinion, the most elegant spotted wild cat.  They are known for their long legs and body, and beautiful large ears set high on their head.  They tend to be the most easy-going of the wild cats and become very attached to their owners.  However, owning an exotic cat is not possible or recommended for most people, so the Savannah was created as the perfect alternative pet companion.


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